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Mandeville Times page 3

May 23rd 2009

Mandeville Seido Karate's 33rd anniversary reunion

After months and months of preparations, making contact through all these new bizarre tools like Face Book , Hi 5 and Myspace, it was almost time for Mandeville Seido’s 33 anniversary reunion to get started. There was only 2 hours to go but in the back of my mind was the last year and half of contemplation and planning.

I had success in locating some old contacts that we had not seen in over 18 years. There was utter surprise when they realized just who was talking to them on the phone, some strange voice saying osu, or even osu Sensei.

Jun Shihans Roger, Paul and Tony.
Kyoshi Debbs, senapai Norman, Jun S. George and Kyoshi Ronald


Oh the pain of an unplanned performance


senpai Ryan and Stephan


Kyoshi John, Debbie and Ronald


Yes Osu Sensei. For one person who I was able to locate after 17 years was Senpai (Sensei) Philip Howson. Someone who I have a great a respect for and credit with laying my own personal foundation in technique and training . It was enlightening having conversations with Sensei Philip after all those years and can only imagine the feeling if he was able to make it down for the event.

Others like My good Friend Inger Delapena (Grant) had all plans of coming but had to cancel due to situations beyond her control. It was the three musketeers back then, Inger, Kyoshi Vern and I doing everything together, Vern the big brother and Inger the little sister. I wouldn’t venture to relate the totally sane things we would do on our many excursions.


Jun Shihans
Laughing till tears


Sensei Enid, Dennis, Kyoshi,Val and Sensei Betty

Kyoshi John M.C.


our Friends from Mandeville Tae Kwon Do
Sabum Nim Micheal and Jolene


But the time was coming closer and here was the rain, not the usual May showers mind you but a torrential down pour of epic proportions. Hardly anyone for that hour could even get to their vehicles to move to the Bloomfield Great house where the banquet would be held. This of course put back the carefully planned timing somewhat.  But luckily with just over half an hour to go it started to clear and the drops turned to a Mandeville drizzle.

With most of our main Guests arriving, we converged downstairs to warn up with soup and finger foods, but soon had to head to the main dining room as the space started to fill rapidly on the downstairs veranda.

Senpai David and Al


Angie and georgiann


The main event had a constant flow to it thanks to our M.C. Kyoshi john Royes. As we say in Jamaica he was in his element (in him ackee) or should we say he was on a roll. No one had a chance to be bored even when they may not have been privy to some of the Japanese terms or traditions.

There were speeches from Kyoshi Ronald, Jun Shihan George, Jun Shihan Tony, Kyoshi Vern and our special Guests from abroad Jun Shihan Roger Thyer- Jones and Jun Shihan Paul Williams.

This got us to the eating part of the proceedings and we were entertained to a fantastic set by Mark Stevenson, violinist, as the various tables got their plates filled in the buffet line.  Our guests constantly commenting at the dexterity and fantastic ability of Mark as people milled around him, sometimes barely escaping being impaled on his flashing bow as it came within inches of their faces.

After everyone was seated we had a short video/ slide show presentation that took us from the early days even before there was a Mandeville seido to the present time.  Some having fun in the audience at pointing out to others just who was flashing across the screen.  From Kyoshi John with head band in the early 80s and Senpai Bruce much smaller and less intimidating to our present location at Caledonia Mall. It was well received and really brought a nostalgic mood to the whole room.

Smithy, Jun Shihan, Senpai Donna, Kyoshi Debbs,
Kyoshi Vern and Senpai Norman





Here we continued with some more formalities. It was time for presentations to some who have really helped us throughout the years and others for just being there as rocks of support. Some of those being recognized were Jun Shihan George, Jun Shihan Tony, Jun Shihan Roger and Jun Shihan Paul.  And special mention to two strong ladies of seido (weather they know it or not) Mrs. Val Royse and Angie what can I say they deserve an award just for putting up with Kyoshi John and Jun Shihan George.

The evening was brought to a close with the introduction of Miss Denyque Dontre recording artist, who took the evening to a fitting climax with her short well received set.



can you see yourself?




It was an evening with an air of true camaraderie and friendship. A few who had not trained in many years were left wondering about the possibility of adjusting their schedules to possibly begin training again. While some who never trained in karate were impressed at the sincerity and togetherness present.Not necessarily because of us selling Seido Karate on the night, but because on simply walking into the area one could feel that special relationship that radiates from those inside.  As Kaicho Nakamura says “Kizuna or special bond”

I think we went a long way in developing kizuna.  All the family friends and karatekas present felt what that is like. It was a truly a wonderful occasion that went better than I could have hoped and thanks to all who made it possible to stage this event. OSU!

Kyoshi Ronald Lyn

Event Chairman








Then,,, on Sunday at Little Ochie Sea food

Aligator Pond






Senpai Norman and Jun Shihan



to di worl


Picking their first lychees before leaving for aligator pond

November 2nd 2008

Black belt promotion Mandeville



On a welcome clear day after many days of rain in Jamaica, black belts from across the island converged on the Mandeville dojo for another black belt promotion.  From Kingston came Jun shihan Tony, Kyoshi John and other Senpais, while from St, Ann came Kyoshi Vern and Senpai Oral. Endeavoring for promotion was :-

Senpai Olive Minnot ,   now Nidan.

Raquel Goodwill,  shodan

Simin  Case       ,     shodan

Ryan  Battick,    shodan

David mullings,    jr. shodan

Stefan   Morgan,   jr. shodan

Micheal   Bell,     jr. shodan



Senpai Don and Olive

Ryan, Stefan and Micheal

Senpai David, probably dreaming of beating Senpai Bruce

It was a well earned promotion and all excelled in their techniques and basics. Jun Shihan Tony expressed his pleasure for what he said was good form, especially from the young students who ranged from 12 years old to 15.

All were reminded after of their new responsibilities and urged not to let go of the experiences that they had garnered on the day.  “This is the true beginning of your martial art training”

“This is when your training truly starts”

“Use this as a sign to seek out the knowledge which you are expected to acquire in your continued training”

"Remember to always look at your black belt and your success in attaining it with humility"

Just some of the important advice offered to the new black belts after what was a grueling 4 hours of testing.

Congratulations to all new Senpais, we are all proud of you. Osu!

Kyoshi Ron and Olive prier to grading

Raquel, Ryan, Stefan, Micheal, Simin and David
new shodans before promotion

Raquel, Micheal, Ryan and Olive

Well Done!