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instructors and black belts

Jun Shihan George McFarlane

6th dan,(Rukudan) chief Instructor, Mandeville

Jun shihan = Junior Master


As one of the most respected fighters to have ever graced the Jamaican tournament scene. Jun Shihan George totally dominated the fighting arena in Jamaica in the late 80s and early 90s (retiring the grand championship trophy after winning it for a third time) while continuing Mandeville's proud history in kata competition winning it 5 times.

He has changed the way kumite is perceived in Jamaica, from a throw and hope it scores technique, to a science. While integrating philosophies from other disciplines and styles such as boxing into his repertory.

He has been an integral figure, mentor and coach to his son Senpai Bruce, who continues his father's proud legacy locally as well as internationally, while competing for Seido Jamaica and as a member of the Jamaican combined martial arts team.

Jun Shihan George was the Seido benefit tournament heavyweight silver medallist in New York in 1996

3 time Jamaica open grand champion. 5 time kata champion
with over 35 years experience in the martial arts.

A yoga and Reiki master, he has continued his single-minded focus to physical and mental health and well being, and has graciously allowed his students along for the ride.

Kyoshi Ronald Lyn

5th dan,(godan) assistant instructor Mandeville


Assistant instructor Mandeville Seido.

Dominated kata, weapons and breaking for 5 years (1988 to 1993) on the Jamaican tournament scene, and has continued to push for the continued growth of Karate in Mandeville and Jamaica.

4 time kata champion
3 time weapons champion
2 time breaking champion
sogo (overall) champion 1993 Seido Jamaica open
Cayman weapons champion (hard styles) 92 and 93
Cayman kata (hard styles) champion 92 and 93

Kyoshi Debbie Lyn

5th dan(godan) Assistant Instructor, Mandeville


Kyoshi Debbie, An integral part of the Seido Mandeville family, the epitome of selfless sacrifice and strong spirit.

One of the most senior female dan ranks in the local martial arts community. She continues to be one of the perennial stalwarts of the Mandeville dojo.

Senpai Bruce McFarlane

3rd dan,(sandan)


The next generation of excellence from our small dojo in Mandeville.

It can't have been easy growing up in the dojo, but with the help of his father Jun Shihan George, he has turned into a strong adult kumite competitor of world wide recognition.

Was successful in 2007 in acquiring his sandan (third degree black belt) and continues to be an integral part of world wide Seido and Jamaica's combined martial arts team.
Started training at age 4 years old
Junior black belt at 9 years old

He is the youngest ever heavy weight black belt champion at the Seido Jamaica open, at 15 years old in 1995
1996 &1997 heavyweight champion Seido Jamaica.
1996 Tae kwon do open heavyweight champion.
1997 Zen do kai kan Open heavyweight champion.
1998 to 2000 Seido Jamaica Grand champion
2001 Seido south Africa Grand champion
2002 Seido U.K. grand Champion
2004 U.S. Open heavyweight champion
2007 Seido Japan Grand champion
2008 seido Jamaica Heavyweight champion

Member combined national martial arts team

Senpai Olive Minnot 


Senpai Carlington Johnson 


Senpai Valerie Beumont


Senpai Donald Chang


Senpai Nekesha Walker


Senpai Raquel Goodwill
Shodan junior class assistant instructor


Senpai Ryan Battick


Senpai Stefan Morgan
Jr, Shodan


Senpai David Mullings
Jr. shodan


Senpai Micheal Bell
Jr. shodan



Mandeville Seido All time Black belt list

Jun shihan George McFarlane

Kyoshi Vernon Williams

Kyoshi Ronald Lyn

Kyoshi Debbie Lyn

 Senpai Junia Plummer

Senpai Bruce McFarlane

Senpai Olive Minot

Andre Henry

Ann Marie McKoy

Ashner Francis

Audrey Kellier

Bertram Reid

Brian Ogilvie

Carlington Johnson

Carolee Maxwell *

Cleon Mclymont

Conrod Crawford

Courtney Francis*

Courtney Reid

Dale Cowan

Dave   Johnson

David Mullings

Delano Elis

Dennis Orithiner

Donald Chang

Donna Owen

Donna Reid

Dwayne Biggs

Errol Smith

Garth Cowan

Gilbert Haldene

Gregory Lake*

Greta Cowan

Ion Lee

Jermaine Williams *

Jo-Ann Cooper

Kerry-Ann Trowers

Michael Bell

Michele Cowan

Nekesha Walker

Neville Forbes

Nigel Carter

Norman Russell

Peter Steele

Philip Howson

Rachael Goodwill

Ryan Battick

Sean Cowan

Shanie Ross

Shanty Cowan

Stefan Morgan

Tanya Lopez

Valerie Beumont

Wallen Walters

*Received black belts after leaving Mandeville





"Technique rather than Strength;
Spirit rather than Technique"